transmission in process... | decomposition in process | 'the bread crumbs on my bed exfoliate my face' | the mirror room rings again... | roblox gave me impulsive builder syndrome

|[ r o b e r t a ]|


yes roberta is getting a revamp!!

*yuviko | infp-t | she/her*

i am 1/4ths self and 3/4ths gone

okay well welcome 2 yubikos safe haven
that is not my real name but you can call me by that
now uhh idk what to put just read the spitting str8 fax section now

about the site:
i made this cause i was bored and 2000s internet culture caught my eye
also my hand fokn died soh i couldnt art too much soh i guess i did this but i end up doodling anyway lmao
i like experimenting around,, i post my art around this site and journal to relieve myself from die

' QOTWIFLCI (quote of whenever i feel like changing it):
'like i hate wasted potential... that shit... crushes your spirit

now go click click!
note: i hav autoplay everywhere so watch ur volume!


what i wanna look like
i just need hairdye and my stupid piercing to heal

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not the phone... get da computer....