♥ yuviko's cafe ♥

what conspires within the kitchen that i bake in?

» mostly baking!: cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, cupcakes, experimental
» a little cooking: primarily asian noodles, soups, omelletes lel

my favorite sweets flavors: matcha, chocolate, custard
my favorite noodles: pho
my favorite dessert made: cup cannoli

!! here are some of my goods !!

experimental cannoli baked crust instead of fried!

tres leches cake!

vietnamese style noodles!

delgado frosting and chocolate cupcake!

weird marble chocolate almond combination lmao i dont know what i was doing but ok


rose meringue! inspired by laili

basic fruit/chocolate crepe!

matcha tiramisu!

gloves i wish i had