【° SCTR1.2KJ464C - "YUBIKO" °】


the subject file you are reviewing contains confidential data. data that is leaked will result in a punishment fine of 100$ worth of robux




1. the human body consists of individual crumbs
on the planar array lies each of the crumbs: y axar, z axar, x axar crumb

subj.#2KJ464C - overview

subject repeats the certain phrase 'joe mama' every 5 seconds. the posibility of subject becoming a professional comedian god: "99.99%"
subject's y axar continues to go through intensive [redacted]. sudden increase in urge to bake due to y axar crumb overbuild

CURRENT SET - analyzing ...

zone concentration | rate-1.4% xt-33%

w.1-34 connected | scanning... NO ERROR
subject unstablility - 62%
stimulation pace level 2/4 - low

care for subject: subject is to be, the majority of the time, contained in room #1004.laptop should be on at all times. feed subject nutritional suppliant tubes if on for long periods of time. when unstability is higher than 50%, let subject out to do activies. (low supervision needed.) if subject refuses to go out, begin psuedoreality. update and commence subject's pseudoreality files.

if subject lacks sleep
just put sleep inducers..

idk what this is XDDD