【°teh game of da whenever i wanna change°】


what is HYLICS!? - a fucking awesome game with beauty absolutely just everywhere
it describes itself as a recreational game with light jrpg elements,
and dude... the sprites and buildings are from 3d scans of clay... mad respect

what makes it game of da wiwct (whenever i wanna change this)? - I ACTUALLY PLAYED A GAME WOW
but honestly playing this just warmed up by heart so much
it's just so satsifying and playful and has a beautiful charm i can't explain
but seriously, i played this when i was feeling hella anxiety

how many xds u give this?well, i just wanna say
thank you for warming my heart with your beautiful works mason :)



hi guys xd all i do is rblx, mc and terraria
(i call it the trio)
mostly i talk about other games and how sick they r (though i don't play most lol)

here are games beside the trio (god finally)

* - most recent

[DJ YUVIKO (music review)]

games that really makes me xd


what is CRITTERS FOR SALE!? - consists of 5 episodes, the only episode I know right now is Spider
its surreal horror, with some swell house/ vaporwave music (never thought house could invoke horror)

what makes it game of da wiwct (whenever i wanna change this)? - the visuals, music, and obscurity of it is sheeeeeeeeeeeesh

how many xds u give this?groovy af XD


what is FNF!? - sick music game wheredboyfriend goes bee boo ae oe to prove himself of gfs love

what makes it game of da wiwct (whenever i wanna change this)? - i never had been so into a game as this lmao but i guess
the newgrounds art style athat brings nostalgia, the absolutely lovable characters I love the girlfren and boyfren with all my heart and the OST is the bomb

how many xds u give this?a shit ton of xds bruh... (every game on here ever lol)

by the way, i made a skin so thats cool [click me]


victorian + big lady = ME GUSTA
i've seen resident evil gameplay and enjoyed watching but never looked into the story much
but now this makes me wanna watch all the games
the detail is fucking lovely like it has the things i love... i love dimitrescu's victorian mansion and heisenburg's factory is sick af with sturm and the panzer soldat. also they have cool powers and i live for the character design


doom, but made in roblox... completely by 2 devs:
canyonjack and poptartnoah! it has not been released yet but there
are sum sick sneak peaks!!

- what makes it game of da wiwct (whenever i wanna change this)?
for a roblox game its beyond insane how god damn detailed it is, being made by 2 people...
(all game design, meshes, coding and more...) and for that i have a hella bunch of respect for these guys

how much xd do you give this?
i never knew the original game previously but after finding room (roblox remake of the 1993 vers), it was actually pretty fun and i play it once in a while
so doom itself is pretty sick, but okay room2 hasnt been released but i give 10 million xds / 10 xds,\. def wuld wait 4 as long as this game needs to load, but i pray this won't crash (it might lol) otherwise i take the fattest shit my pant


cool: yes i love me some random n abstract stuff, but all the clay models are really goregously done and makes me want to do clay models like that too :O
wonderful unique style also!


cool: hell yeah same creator as discover my body... but this really spooks me down to the bones with the grimey, but eerie atmosphere and story
as one youtube comment describes it... it is "christianity but lovecraftian"


cool: abstract thing about ego death! almost as freaky as waterwombworld.


cool: wow just wow u r realy weird n gross and floopy too... um anyways... this game is wack with its wack pyshics, acid trip style, wombly man go brrr and satisfying sounds...