sup yuvikony fantano music review

- nokia +++++++++++ PHANSYPHISH
- Yimello - /.\.'75.90r.9r'r9

how music affectin me today?
4.5.22 - i haven't updated in a while, i've been lazy
but i just want to say I LOVE MUSIC FUCK YEAHHHHH
hi guys i review music because i love music
i play piano and guitar, not as much though but try to make stuff on soudntrap
but i genuinely have a passion for artists and music ever since hearing upon
super rare tingz from the depths of soundcloud. i don't have much technical
music knowledge so excuse me if i don't make sense... but just sit back and enjoy my rambles...

fav artists (to name a few): earl sweatshirt, danny brown, MIKE, liv.e, r0rcon4, ethanbart, tyler the creator, the garden, phansyphish, jpegmafia

2021 current gud shit
artists- liv.e, r0rcon4, phansyphish, CLthooms

BEGINNING OF 2021 - best ep/ablums
liv.e (couldn't wait to tell you), friday night funkin' OST

top 3 artists of 2020 (probably in my entire life also): r0rcon, ethanbart, antoje

- album of 2020:
cool mixtapes/albums/ep of 2020: - phansyphish SLU(T)ECH - VOL. 1
- phansyphish - vINYL_sIM_minitape
- antoje - gridlock911117
- album that makes me wanna cry (2020): the caretaker - everywhere at the end of time

hi. i hated dancing so much before but now i just love music so much that i love dancing
hearing something different, so grimey but godly i just fell in love with music even more like craazyy. and then i just foudn more unique music like it opened a gateway and i cant explain well but ... damn
it even inspires me to make music even though im not really good but once in a while i just feel inspired so yeah
this is cheezeeyyy lol

now about the best best album i have been listening it throughout the year [r0r/MOM$_"L1K3ÜKN0WH4SSUP]

primarily songs 3-7, 9, and the last are my favorite, from 3 its just so bouncy and catchy, then your hit hard with 4 with that bass, shifting to 5 then 6 things get lighter and it just sounds so pretty i could just sit in a beach or somethin and lay down and sleep... once again it shifts with this grimey interlude and oh my god probably my favorite song ever so far. 7 is the catchiest fucking thing i ever heard... the bass or guitar whatever it is lmao it literally is so fuckin good with the distortion, beat, tying it with the rap. how its introduced with the drums, then the drums chill then come back on to just hit you again and it just goes off
continuing on things get more calm, 9 is really pretty and i love the little echoing vocals, and everything ends on this one last song and it reminds me of the bliss of just finding this godly album or life just pausing, settling down
idk man its just magic

my other favorite songs