tf yuviko...

irrational human behavior (´;д;`)

the only way ill express myself because i dont know where else on earth i can,,, or sumthin™

if only i didnt waste my life in here. now i am deteriorating and it hurts
i want to continue on but it will only damage me further!
mr. sun, im scared
10/11/19 9:23 pm

overwhelmed with joy. thank you for it all.
i havent felt it for a long time. and now
i shall rejoice again in euphoria
mr. sun, it will be alright?
10/11/19 10:23 pm


he got the moves


[senseless-er thing] buttlord 1998© [back to polywog!]

aww fucking shit
im alive
10/14/19 10:07 am

dam them blackberries

one day i want to kayak across the river with a friend
and sing so obnoxiously loud minecraft parodies or sumthin on our way
and when we reach the other side pick all the blackberries
hang out under a tree and talk then come back and eat the berries
that'd be cool
10/17/19 7:24 pm

i hope this year goes well for me
i dont wanna feel so lost anymore ヽ(´□`。)ノ
10/20/19 10:07 am

mr. sun i gotta get up im losing myself
physically and mentally i have to do something
i can do this, right?
10/29/19 10:24am

yes i can do this i can do this
oh mr. sun, i switch back and forth
nothing makes sense but that's alright
because i'll just try me best anyway
and then maybe the light threads in finger betweens
and i can feel the warmth once again on my face
11/2/19 6:50pm

im not sure now...
i want to commit bluescreen of death
11/5/19 7:55pm

obama loves you

can i breathe for once
in and out
there isn't anything i should be scared of
loom loom lowly ssssssssss lonely

maybe i can but im missing a part
who knows... it just comes and goes

i know it wont always be enough so why do i still try??!
come on i need to be better than this

im sorry
thank you for it though
i wish i could stand up to my feet and say something
but i couldnt
it always goes like that

the time i said i wanted something new i fell deep into a pit and im still suck

mmm mmm mmm
i found some tasty music from the depths of soundcloud
after searching for years and years i have come across the rarest gems

maybe i found it
dont let it go