welcome to this shithole in which i show cool stuff liek music or art

might talk about stuff a little there and here

blessed songs dump 4 - 4.12.20

😳 blessed games dump 3 - 3.21.20

"wow, just wow, you are very weird and slimy and gross"
holy shit this is a goregous game... the retro game style, hella wobbly pyshics, and sound effects its the most pleasing thing ever
its unique... gives off an odd but lovely feeling..
i cant get it but i want it so damn bad
also the sounds i could just listen to them and the little guy you play as you go wooooooooo hmmmhmmmm when you fly in da air and its the cutest thing ever

blessed songs dump 8 - 3.8.20

too lazy to fix this just listen tho lol
i cant wait for this

blessed songs dump 2 - 3.3.20

wtf antoje im going to cry

also i wann 2 dance

blessed pics dump 2 - 3.3.20

omg i remember da show

😳 blessed songs dump 1 - 2.26.20

blessed pics dump 1 - 2.26.20

ok its not winter but forreal

and just like plain regular weekends im fuckn crying

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