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i dont know at this point
is there more to this than glass walls? i could feel it, warmth of fingertips against the plane. but i-

journal of thing
11/3/19 - i get overwhelmed so much i begin
to feel so drain out. i dont what to think anymore
sometimes i dont know how to feel
i want to ignore it, i know thats no good

11/2/19 - yet i still want to try
but i can't help but switch back and forth
spurts of hope come again and ... so what??

11/1/19 - im in pain
*edit* i never wanted to feel this again
at lowest point
im lost

10/31/19 - no

10/30/19 - if only i had at least someone to
get me through these years, life be tuff

10/29/19 - i guess i feel alright,,, haven't in a while...
well just for now ahhaah but i felt like dancing so i did in the
livingroom to bluebird so thats alright i miss those nice feelings...

10/28/19 -i wish i could find someone i can talk to
like really cool pal i can relate to and fuck its cold. or i wish i wasnt sad. i should be studying and resting my hand so
that concludes my sad ass talk thanks for listening cuz lmao aight imma head out


2018 animations

*11/1/19 now that i look back at this i feel the same..*