.°(ಗдಗ。)°.the night's dreams, the dreamy, and the daydreams (T▽T) WARNING!! nonsense...


during class i sat beside you and then picked up the pen
we went to a field trip- a haunted house
and i was really scared
but you held me ever so close and guided me out
smiled at me, no need to be scared anymore
what does it all mean, and why was it you?
istg this dream is the weirdest but nicest thing
i dont know why it was you
then tomorrow happened
i was so close
but i stopped
of course i couldnt keep it up
i never can
fucking failure

10/11/19 7:23 pm

never ending fall, a clarity beyond the eyes
such brings forth a seraphic feeling
bleeds through your hands, unify
become one, one together
a prepetual ethereality, in dreamstate, by dreamstate

10/13/19 10:13 pm


the nights dreams, the dreamy, and daydreams


[awful nonsense] buttlord 1998© [back to polywog!]

spiraling downward, fall and go
around and around you chase
you go and you go and lose yourself
because nothing else in this world is any better

'i'll chase you to the ends of the earth'
have you ever wondered the likely chances you'll ever get it
'i hope i dont... dont think i ever will, will i ever?'
if you ever do so, what's next??

10/21/19 7:13 pm
i saw you right across from me
conditional statements!! if then
that was awkward but its ok
aaughu how do you find me? why do you??
[3] and minecraft ig

my water bottle is cute
idk weird ass dream

lines lines what's between what's behind
peekaboo i found you after all these years
i now know and it hurts

10/24/19 8:43pm
i cant find the code god damnit
was it you again who gave me the answer?
and then i found a bunch of old art files
old memory that never happened

10/27/19 9:02am
tf who are these people
they hav shit relationship or sumthin
and then classroom clean up
sorry forgot to push the table

10/29/19 10:11pm
hey you both ([1] [3]) again
ridiculously silly
and then what i said mama mia
and you[3] made fun of me? lol
if only i could recall more
what does this all mean????
10/30/19 6:22 am
roadtrip nights
rest in your arms
118 :)

waffles and people talking
quainty town, berlin?
making hazy cold days fun
there's a good in everything

11/2/19 6:54pm
cold halloween night with friends
giant cool castle mansion thing
the 3rd level was really pretty
purple soft glows and such a nice atmosphere
then we all went to a subway for some reason
but oh well it was pretty anyway and then we held on
and then i talked to them
nice feelings... if only i could stop time
and only if we never had to separate
then i could be happy

11/5/19 6:16am
why is it you two again ([1] [3])
well first i went off on a trip
i was a flying animal and i ate microorganisms
and then i landed in a small house and played with austie
and then im on discord and im talking
and i made a friend and im crying
and then more people come and i dont get it

11/7/19 6:46am
hurricane coming but there was none
i ate eggs and more eggs and spam
and then im at this factory looks like a playground
im confused and then there was a fire supposedly so i ran
to the furthest corners of the place and found others
and we ran down into the last floor... well i mean
second but oh well there was no fire we good

11/10/19 8:46am
i cant reach for it
everyone else is there but me
knees down and praise to the temple
do not worship babylon

11/11/19 8:55am
its been a while

11/17/19 8:01am
something like adventure time poptropica
game post apocayyplsesese thing and uhhh
i dont remember too muh

11/19/19 7:101am
our garden koi fish
weird fish pelican ass tryna eat then
no i save them
the end

my locker dissapeared
weird dumbass school staff messing with my
frickin locker and stuff
im lost i cant find my classroom
thought i did but realized its world ap history
equalitareal slope axis plane
what are you talking about i just need to get to class
mental breakdown

11/27/19 8:00am
hangout with people
oh fuck not them
i wish i were different or dead
and i could be happier
sometimes it looks like everyone else
seems happier than me
i know
whats wrong with me

11/28/19 7:34am

travel ice
interesting dream

you[2] again
you are always there
it goes on like nothing ever happened
thats how that dream always goes
in the room, a noisy television
writing papers while you sit patiently
then another person
i wonder what do you think of me

in a stadium we come across
but instead of it going on the usual
i go off crying again running away from here
of course the doors are locked
could i please just be set free
from this dream
can it be something else please
but someone goes to comfort me
and once again we all go to the stadium
and someone is hugging me
and i just sit there still
why you[4]? i dont want this
i dont want to dream of it again

went through a house tour with a giant water park that was cool and then next im in a classroom and then i walk up front to put something and dis dude takes and messes around and we laughing
lol then i awkwardly fall over and now everything is weird
and then i snatch it back then i walk to him and slap his face gently three times
okay bud
went to some dumb school science substitute is ass and idfk this building thing and they should burn i never wanna see em again
i saw youuu [6] its our favorite show
dont you remember?
brush teeth
you[2] now its like you realized it or something and then i wanna die
i made a friend doe and play roblox
giant ass pool and fancy ass place awesummm
that drains and fills everynow and then
hang out with family
went to a party with a good friend and then as we walked i saw uhhh i cant keep track of the you's lol UH you[7] lol wat the fuck i still dont understand
we went around in minecraft and i saw u[6] and we looked at funny memes on discord and commit laugh
if only we could all just stay
old school, bookfair, i hugged you [7] wtf then i went to class during history he mad at us as usual LOL
walked and there you [7] had the locker next to me and you said sorry and i said sorry and you went on and i said it was alright and then you said sorry again and ran off

in the urban part of brazil, oddly stack homes that are somehow stable
though a somehwat torn down it looks pretty
theres a weird pool room looks like belongs to some video game lol
then i went of to the balconies where you could see the city. primary colored roof they use for balaconies or whatever its pretty. and theres food beside.
and with family i just watch the city
hazy-ish, brown, orangey sky

istg [7] you are at my house in a party i see you and bump to you like i wanted to on purpose but it was an accident?? and then i said sorry and ran down the hall

nope nope too weird
okay im at my house, and theres this stalker next door in this dream
its in some post apocalypatic world
i constantly go around shutting the blinds wherever i go and crouch down to hide underneath windows and one day at my house i am alone
on time i go to my old school for an event and end up bringing the stalker over and theres a intruder alert and all that so i try to hide my best
then i am found and i just sit for a long time
next thing i then run off into this garden when its foggy at night
i find a man who says he will help me hide and he brings me a boat to hide from the creep
so i hid and then i go down the river of the garden

next thing i remember im at apparently a rental house which has a giant ass backyard mostly of concrete floor but theres a pool, small playground, and grill bar
and its a odd bloody structured house but the inside is alright.
again i have a stalker across at the other rental home
i again wherever i go must shut the blinds
this time they is gonna kill me if i see them
i hangout with my cousins in an unused room but have to go around closing all the shutters
i almost forget and i saw the face
and i cried
and then i tried to make an escape plan with my family
oh also i guess he only comes apparently at night this time in the rental house stage
and then i planned to run out to the next neighbor over the fence across the damned concrete field and it ends there
[3] you APPEARED IN MY CHEMSITRY CLASSROOM and you talked to me and smiled to me
why is it u doe
and then kinda flirted or something like that lol no thank you pero thank you

hug sleep and nice sweet dreams! [118] and then other weird dream with some random people but i cant recall

you, you[2], etc., are different people
and [118]